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Purpose Statement

The Mississippi Free Will Baptist Disaster Response Team (DRT) is a group of men

organized to help Mississippi Free Will Baptist churches minister to their physical properties and their members following the effects of a catastrophic natural disaster. Be a witness in their communities to show Christian love by action, minister to their physical properties, and to provide emotional and spiritual counseling with Pastors and/or Laymen.




• We believe it is possible and desirable that God be glorified, even in times of sorrow caused by catastrophic disasters (Philippians 2:3-5).
• It is our Christian responsibility and Biblical duty to help our brothers and sisters in Christ when they are in need.
• Awareness that our testimony by helping those in a time of need is an excellent opportunity to share God’s word with others (Mark 16:15-16).
• An ever-increasing gratitude of God’s grace.
• An enhanced appreciation concerning the power of nature and all that God created and has authority over.
• The implementation of safety procedures that reflect a love for one’s neighbor.
• The importance of faithful church attendance and involvement during times of natural and catastrophic disasters (Hebrews 10:25).

Criteria for Mobilization

1. Relief efforts will be coordinated through a Free Will Baptist property;
volunteers will be assisting the community as a whole and will not be limited to Free Will Baptists only.
2. Must be requested by the Pastor of a local Free Will Baptist Church or a State or National Leader.
3. Must be caused by a natural disaster...hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, fires, and
earthquakes as examples, but not limited to these.
4. We will not respond to individual requests, but will be willing to help mobilize help when available.
5. The DRT will be for clean up, repairs and reconstruction only, not for new or full building projects.
6. Other situations approved by the Disaster Response Board.
7. All assistance is volunteer and without cost. However, should repairs be covered and reimbursed by insurance, a donation to Mississippi Free Will Baptist DRT would be greatly appreciated and would help those less fortunate in the future.
 8. Financial assistance will be given for repairs on Free Will Baptist properties on a per case basis, if funds are available.
9. A DRT trailer will be pre-positioned at Morganwood Free Will Baptist youth camp.

Will Not Respond to the Following Situations
1. Any disaster that we have not been asked to provide assistance.
2. A disaster area where rioting or military action is present, or there is great danger to one’s well being.
3. A disaster deemed unsafe due to health concerns caused by disease, or where there are hazardous materials present.
4. Other situations disapproved by the board.

Expenses paid by the DRT
1. If funds are available….
2. Necessary equipment and supplies for the DRT, and to help aid an area damaged by the disaster, that the DRT responses to.
3. Fuel for transportation of the DRT, to and from the disaster area.
4. Lodging (camping, motels) when necessary for the DRT.
5. Lost or stolen tools.
6. Expenses deemed necessary for the operation of the DRT, and approved by the board.
7. Receipts will be required in all cases.

Expenses Not Paid by the DRT
1. Any expense not directly related to a disaster.
2. Any request made to the Mississippi Free Will Baptist Disaster Response Board that the board deems unqualified to our mission and purpose.
3. Any and all unnecessary expenses, or unauthorized purchases not pertaining to the direct response of the DRT, in a catastrophic disaster, and not approved by the response coordinator.
4. Food. We all have to eat, and we are usually responsible for our own food. There may be an occasion that we will have to purchase food, and these will be takeninto consideration, but receipts will be required.

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